Cleaning Services for Home, Office & New Construction

Clean Your Space. Clear Your Mind.

Deep Clean for Home

The Deep Clean Home Service Includes All Surfaces, Floors, Baseboards, Cabinets, Kitchen, Bath & Windows (inside only). This service does not include carpets or furniture. Deep Cleans are best done seasonally, before guests, or quarterly.

Deep Clean Base Rate $350.00

Biweekly Home Cleaning Base Rate $200.00

Office Clean

Office Cleans are best performed weekly and include surface cleaning, dusting, washroom, floor, windows (inside only) and small garbage removal. Desks will not be cleaned unless completely clear of work materials.

Office Clean Weekly Base Rate $100.00

Office Clean Bi-weekly/Monthy Base Rate $150.00

New Construction Clean

The New Construction Clean includes cleaning of surfaces top-to-bottom, cleaning inside cabinets and small indoor spaces, floors, kitchen, bath and windows (inside) as well as clean-up and disposal of small construction debris. Please clear larger debris prior to cleaning services.

New Construction Clean Base Rate $600.00 per 2,000 sqft

Move-In/Move-Out Clean

The Move-In/Move-Out Clean is a Full Home Deep Clean including small debris removal and appliance cleaning. This full Service includes baseboards, windows, inside cabinets and closets, all floors and hard surfaces, vacuum and steam mop.

Moving Clean Base Rate $450 per 2,000sqft

Additional Fee for Larger Debris Removal and Waste

Very thorough and fast. Attention to detail. Cleans the entire house in less than three hours (three bed, two bath on HHI). Positive attitude and cheerful.

—Larry W. Bonds, HHI

Kristin is awesome!!The attention to detail is off the charts!!I wouldn’t trust anyone else to come into mine or my client’s homes!

— Matthew Smith, Owner- Allied Construction