What is the Difference between a Cleaner and a Housekeeper?

Kristin Nicole, Owner

Most of our clients, when asked, don’t realize that there IS a difference. This is an important distinction to make so that we can circumvent any misunderstanding or potential disappointment with our clients. So what does a Property CLEANER do, that a Housekeeper doesn’t?

For starters, the most basic explanation is the The PINKS, as Property CLEANERS, clean hard surfaces. We clean most of the hard surfaces in your home. This includes countertops, cabinets, floors, appliances, bathroom surfaces and so on. Basically the hard surfaces in your home or office that you touch on a daily basis. We clean the outsides of these surfaces for a Standard Clean and we clean INSIDE some of them as well for a Deep Clean. With a Moving Clean, we clean inside, beneath and behind.

What don’t we do?

The PINKS do not clean soft surfaces to include furniture, household items, clothing, or carpets/rugs. We do vacuum. We do not carpet clean. We do not wash dishes or laundry. We specialize in hard surfaces. We know what we do and we do it well. In addition to avoiding soft surfaces that require a different set of skills, we do not clean the outside of windows and we do not clean anything that requires a ladder taller than a standard stepladder. These are for precautionary reasons to protect our cleaners and your home.

With all of that said…

There are a few tasks that The PINKS are willing to tackle for our clients upon request. If you are unsure whether we can perform a particular cleaning task- just ask! Our clients can always TEXT or CALL (912)755-3882

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