The PINKS… A Local Home Cleaning Service

Kristin Nicole, Owner

Why use a Cleaning Service for your Home?

Or Office…?

Or Rental Property…?

  • Because it is a way to buy TIME. Time means peace, relaxation, happiness, family and productivity that you just can’t appreciate when you are constantly in motion.
  • Because it will open up your life to opportunities you miss out on when you spend your free time and weekends taking care of all of those annoying but necessary household chores that you just can’t keep up with while working, raising a family, and just living life in general.

We spend our waking hours investing into our jobs and families and as wonderful as our contributions are… the added responsibility of housework, tidying the office and caring for your rental properties in addition to work and family life can detract from our own self-care.

Consider the ways you spend your valuable time when you leave the office or drop the kids off at school. What do you plan for your weekends? Where do you squeeze in those hours to clean your floors, wipe down your cabinets, clear the clutter? What would you do with those hours if those annoying but oh so necessary household tasks were already taken care of? What refreshing, relaxing method of self-care would you choose to practice with those extra hours?

How about your business and all the tasks that remain once regular operations have shut down for the day? Are your dedicated employees excited to get home to their own families or will they remain after-hours to keep the office in order? Who stocks the necessary paper products? Empties the trash? Wipes up the coffee spills and sweeps the crumbs and paper shreds?

Or that Rental Property that you always receive calls about? You have a prospective tenant and the last family neglected to clean behind all of the appliances and remove the hard water stains from the shower doors. But that’s not really their responsibility is it? And you just don’t have the time.

Your Vacation Rental is turning over twice weekly! It’s an amazing source of passive income, but that income isn’t so passive when you’re rushing to launder the linens and clean the floors before your next guest arrives.

A Cleaning Service seems simple.

We accomplish seemingly basic tasks.

But the TIME you gain is invaluable. The Peace of Mind is irreplaceable. A Bright, Happy Clean will work wonders for you life!

Book yourself some Happiness. (912)755-3882

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